Get Wealthy At Walmart – An A List Marketing Lesson…

Being a Brit who’s never been to the US yet, I’ve never had the pleasure or displeasure of walking into a WalMart store.

However, I have walked into Asda many times and Asda are owned by who?

Yup. Walmart.Thanks to good old online shopping I can avoid busy shopping centers these days.

They’re not fun places if you suffer social anxiety, like me.

The weekly shop used to be the one thing I dreaded the most.

So much so I would go at 7am to beat the crowds.

It’s been years since I was list in a busy shopping center.

Although, that could be changing priddy soon after listening to top copywriter and online marketing genius Doberman Dan’s podcast, this morning.

In this podcast Dan brings back memories from my childhood with my dream of wanting to be an artist, or a cartoonist (I’m sure you’ll have a relatable story to).

How I at an early age knew school was bullshit (again, you may relate).

And also how I thought the same thing about how we all made our livings (but I was just to scared to do anything about it).

Anyway, my marketing friend.

This isn’t about me, it’s about you.

And how you can make a fortune just by visiting Walmart.

Or, even Asda, if you’re in the UK…Let me know what you think below after listening.


Click play below…

doberman Dan Podcast

So, what do you think?Did you enjoy?


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