The Three Core Funnels – Russell Brunson

the three core funnels - russell brunson

What if every time you gave a book away for free you generated two hundred and thirty-eight dollars in income?

You’ve heard of sales funnels and you’ve probably heard of clickfunnels, but in this ten minute talk russell brunson wants you to understand the concept of funnel stacking, to learn the three core funnels and how they work together, how to take any product or service you have and catapult your sales with an amazing upsell strategy and more.

Russell brunson is the founder of clickfunnels and the author of the best-selling books dot-com secrets and expert secrets.

If you’ve written a book or you’re thinking about writing a book, one question you need to ask yourself is “how much should I charge?” or “should I just give the book away as a marketing device?”

What if you just gave it away and as a result you earned two hundred and thirty-eight dollars on every book?

That’s exactly what Russell Brunson did using a system that he created in clickfunnels.

Russell looks way too young to be that smart and as successful as he is as Joel Weldon would say, “I have socks older than Russell”. Okay so he looks young but at the age of 36 and the father of five kids, and with 12 years of internet marketing experience he’s very wise.

Many genius network members use his software system to sell millions of dollars worth of their products and services.

One of those members is Russell himself in just the first year since starting clickfunnels his sales are over 12 million. Yes in just the first year he will share how you can take your book or any product or service that you have and catapult your sales.

His title is funnel stacking how you can earn two hundred thirty eight dollars for each book you give away.

Please welcome Russell Brunson…

All right well I’m excited to be here first off, so the concept of funnel stacking and this presentation kind of came from as many you guys know, we own a company called clickfunnels.

We have almost 15,000 entrepreneurs who have moved their entire businesses over to our platform and inside that has been over 350,000 sales funnels built and so I have this really cool unique view to look at what everybody’s doing and see what’s working and not working and December this year I sat down.

I wanted to look at what was working in my company, so we ran all of our numbers and I’m like one of those sales funnel strategists who sit for like days in front of whiteboards mapping stuff out, and it turned out after looking at all of our numbers, like ninety-eight percent of our income came from three funnels.

These are the three funnels that actually matter in our company and looking across the platform as a whole almost most the majority of income is made through one of these three funnels and and there’s a really cool way that they actually worked together so that’s what we’re talking about today.

And the other part here is how I made

I’m gonna talk about how I make up to two hundred thirty eight dollars for every free book we give away and how you guys can to.

To know the reason why that’s actually important one of my mentors Dan Kennedy who looks like the walrus according to Joe he told me I first got in his business he said because like money is cool, right that’s not the reason.

He said that the person who can spend the most money to acquire a customer always wins and so for me this whole sales funnels and everything we’re talking about, the goal isn’t just to make a whole bunch of money so that I can out market everybody else.

I can spend more money to get every single customer in the front door so I can serve more people and change more people’s lives and that’s the real goal kind of behind it to begin with.

I want to explain a concept I like talking about and my side of my team is the concept called the value ladder.

At the top of the value ladder is the best thing that we all offer our clients, the thing that we have that can change their lives the most right?

It’s the thing that probably would cost a whole bunch of money right?

So I thinking about Robin yesterday, I met her she’s the green smoothie girl.

So Robin for you like your dream thing i if you could serve some of the highest level I’m assuming it would be for you to pack up your stuff fly to the house go through their covers throw everything out and teach them how to juice and spend a week there just detoxing him and helping him right?

Like that would be amazing I’m sure that every one of us here have something inside of our companies very similar.

It would be like the most amazing most valuable thing you could possibly offer.

The problem is that it’s hard to go do that right?

You don’t have time to fly and spend a week at every single client’s house. It doesn’t make financial sense. Most of the time it’s hard. Like, for me the most and the best thing I can do, the thing that I do people to the top levels, they come to me I sit down with them and I actually build their entire sales funnels.

We do all the copy, we do everything and if I could do that to every single person it would be awesome.

The problem is we charge 100k just to start the process, plus we take a percentage of their sales, which is usually about 50 percent or more, and so for me to come up with something on the side of the street first time, I mean by hey my name is Russell Brunson I know I look like I’m 11 years old but this is the deal.

If you give me $100,000 and half of your company I’ll build your sales funnel and most people like you know like that doesn’t make any sense right and the reasons because I’ve provided zero value at that point right?

They have no idea who I am, if I have canaima an executor, I’m talking about it’s a lot of us that’s the thing, we know we can change people’s lives but the thing that would do the best we can’t do, like Joe if you walked up to a typical business owner like hey gotta sink 25k you come in the room we’re gonna kind of like we’re gonna talk about addictions and weird things like that and it’s 25 thought like people what are you talking about right?

Like I’ve known Joe for a long time and it’s like I keep always getting value over and over and that’s why I send up right and so for me but our business is all about giving value in ascension.

So, if you look at this this model the very bottom is less value and it’s the price of lower right and so we bring somebody in that world. We give them some value and if they have a great experience what naturally happens is they want more.

That’s how humans work right?

We get a little bit of value; “I thought that was awesome, I need a little more” and they get value there and you get a little bit more. It works in relationships, works in business, works in everything and so my world, it’s always like I need to get someone down here I can give them some value.

If they get value they’re gonna naturally want the next level and the next level and that’s kind of how this value ladder, these funnels work.

Alright, so these are the three funnels where the majority of our income and the majority of all the entrepreneurs I know incomes comes from.

One is called a tripwire funnel

One is called the webinar funnel

One is called a high-ticket funnel

I’ll walk through these three funnels and I’ll walk through how they all kind of interconnect and they work together, so the first one is again this is kind of what they look like all right? s

So the first one is a tripwire funnel.

A tripwire funnel is typically a really low ticket thing so for me and in in our company one of our best trip wires is is my book funnel. So this is kind of what if I writing on a whiteboard with you and I sketched it out, this is what a tripwire funnel actually looks like.

There’s a lot of pages and it’s kind of geeky so let me walk you through page by page what it looks like.

Page number one we’re gonna be giving away something for free, plus shipping right?

And so for me last year before we launched clickfunnels we launched with the book so this is my book called DotCom Secrets, so we gave away for free plus shipping and if you look at the actual stats to the campaign, I’m sharing the results this is over two hundred thousand people came through this funnel.

We sold 27,000 copies of the book during this time and so these are really big numbers across a whole bunch of traffic sources.

But to give you n idea of how the whole thing works again, here’s the map so far.

So first step we gave away the book right? I told my wife initially a hectare I spent a year writing a book and I was like I’m gonna give it away for free.

She’s like what are you doing?

Like, we can’t do that it doesn’t make any sense. I promise this works so the first step we give away the book right? So from the shipping cost during this campaign the initial 30 days we made two hundred nineteen thousand dollars in shipping, which isn’t in my pocket.

That somebody disappears that’s based on $7.95 a book times the the books we sold right?

The second step now I have somebody bought the book it’s just like going to an Isle if you’re in the grocery store, you’re walking out you see the gum and the tic tacs and you start grabbing something.

The next step in our funnel is called an order form bump and it fits right after they put in the credit card but right before they click the submit button, so my order form bump right here is just saying, “hey, you’re about to buy the book, you want the audiobook version for the extra thirty seven bucks?”

Really quick fast thing, usually on average between twenty and thirty percent of people will take that bump offer.

For us the math that bump offer add an extra two hundred eighty six thousand dollars to our overall revenue which right now total revenue so far in this funnel is $18 and 31 cents.

When I made 30 free books I gave away at the point they finally click Submit okay the next step in the funnel is our first up sell, a first upsell we sell a course, one of our info product courses, so this one’s $200.

The math from that we made about five hundred and six thousand dollars from the first upsell, which by now our profit per book is twenty seven dollars and thirty nine cents then we have taken the sell number two from upsell number two, we sold a $300 course and we made $130,000 for that one, so at this point right now by time they finished the the first initial funnel we made thirty one dollars and ten cents per book.

So why is that important? Okay, this is why this is so important.

That means I can spend right now, thirty one dollars and ten cents on advertising to give away a free book.

Okay, right now on facebook the average is about twelve dollars to give away free books I’m actually profitable from day one.

The very second that happens I can go to affiliates and say I’ll pay you $20 or $30 to give away free book and it gives me the ability to get insane amounts of customers coming through our front door, every single day for free.

And then everything that happens after this is just pure profit.

We always talk about lifetime value of a customer; I hate that because like it makes us start making stupid decisions like I need a big for me personally if I don’t make breakeven on day one I don’t do the campaign, or the funnel, so that’s why we are able to funnel the break evens on day one and then everything after that is pure profit.

Alright, so the last step on the page and typically we have some buy a free book then we say thanks for buying we add something called an offer wall this has links to our other products and from there we made a whole bunch of other money that we won’t talk about in this presentation.

And some of the other thing well Russell I’ll have a book what do I do don’t have a book that’s fine in my process, I was talking about you figure out who your customers are and what bait will get them in the door right?

So some of you guys a book is the bait that will bring your customers in the door.

A couple of our clickfunnels members, one of them sells a gun membership site an they give away free gun targets at thirty million dollars last year giving away free gun targets bringing them into their world.

Perry belch and Ryan Deiss they have a suit company they give away free cufflinks and then bring people into the world that way and they also have the credit card knife and we are having fun right now for Marcus lemonis for Camping World which is a huge thing, and we’re doing a free toilet paper funnel to bring people into their world so it works with any kind of business.

Think about what’s the bait your customers actually want.

Okay, step number two there, you got them in now you broke even and you made money now we start moving them and send them to funnel number two, which is a webinar funnel.

It looks kind of like this that’s what the perfect webinar funnel looks like and first page a registration page, a couple things on registration page, big secrets the key to gets people to opt-in is curiosity, do not have a video.

I’ve never seen a video increase conversion rates on a webinar page, curiosity is the key to get people in.

Here’s kind of the number, so the first thing is every single person who buys in my book within two weeks they’re introduced to our webinar funnel, automatically we also drive ads directly to it.

We drive cold traffic in the webinar funnels, we average about three dollars per registrants for a webinar our goal internally in our company is get three thousand op people who register per week, so we spent three thousand dollars.

From the thousand people got 25 percent show up rate 10 percent people usually close on a webinar so right now or was that twenty five thousand dollars in sales and typically from the follow-up we’ll make another, we usually double the webinar sales in the follow-up sequence, so we put $3,000 in ads, make $50,000 a week and it happens.

We count on our company consistently that’s how we run the webinars Thank You pages, webinar funnel, it looks like this, we upsell our continuity program they have indoctrination pages the email sequences that go through and then we actually do a live event, which we do events.

Then we have replay urgency and scarcity.

This is the follow-up sequence that happens after the webinar is done and we do a whole bunch of cool things there.

If you do this sequence right you get a whole bunch of sales on the webinar day and a whole bunch of sales happening again on the next day, and then the last step now after they’ve gone through the webinar, which is usually a thousand-dollar product now we’re sending to our highest-level which for us is 25 to 100 thousand dollars and beyond.

We introduced them now to the high-ticket funnel hi-tech funnel looks like this:-

We lead with the case study success story of somebody. We take them through a desire amplifier page, and homework in connection, I’ll go through these really quick so every single page has a button like this that pushes people to our high ticket.

We have email sequences sharing case studies, people on a high take a program that push them in there as well and everything now is pushing people and sending them up to our highest level to our highest level and the last page here is home working connection, that looks like this and that is how I make 230 dollars within six weeks with every book we give away.


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