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According to the BBC website there's almost 6 million people in the UK working for 

less than the living wage. Can you believe that? It's disgusting. More and more

people are having to swallow their pride and go to food banks.

I would be mortified if I was made aware that an employee of mine

wasn't able to put food on the table. I wonder how many

business owners are aware of this and just turn a

blind eye.

I Don't Know How They Sleep At Night!

In fact, I strongly believe that if you can't afford to pay your employees a wage that

they can live on, then you shouldn't be employing anyone

and maybe you shouldn't be in business.

If find it really hard to understand how anyone can survive on such low pay.

I mean, how are they managing to get by?

How are they managing to bring their children up in a household without stress and worry?

It Angers Me To See What's Going On Here In The UK

We're supposed to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet we have

kids going hungry and these are kids who's parent(s) are in

full time employment. These are not just kids who's parents

are unemployed or struggling with addictions.

It's like, We've Gone Backwards As A Country

I remember we didn’t have much when I was a kid, but we got by. We wasn't going hungry in the

way many are today; and that was with just one parent working. In my case,

it was my dad. This is all wrong. We all know there’s money, we all know this

doesn’t have to be they way and shouldn’t be the way.

My best friend works with children and he told me just the other week that he knows

of very young kids looking forward to school mainly because

they know they’re going to get a decent meal.

Is This Really What Our Grandparents Lost Their Lives For?

I'm pretty certain many who fought to save our country (I find it hard to call it great)

would be spinning in their graves right now.

I moved to Oxford in 2001 when I finally sorted out the problems I was having to make a

clean break, basically to get away from old friends and old behaviour. I lived there

happily for over 10 years, right up until I was made redundant.

When I left Oxford, the price to rent a 1 bedroom flat was anything from

£750 to £1,000+ PCM (per calendar month) and trust me; many of these

places were complete dumps. I once viewed a property costing £895 PCM

which was just one room with a bed, a sink and a rusty old electric

cooker in the corner.

I Actually Told The Landlord To Get F$%£&D!

Pretty much everyone living in Oxford now are all living in shared houses, the price of a double bedroom in Oxford is £500+ I feel sorry for the locals, the kids that grow up there can’t afford to leave home. The only people benefiting are the older generations who bought their homes in the 80’s when the houses were just a few thousand to buy. I left because I was never going to pay these prices.

I was livid he had the cheack to ask for almost £1,000 per month before bills

to live in that kind of squalla.

My main point is this. What chance does a local kid, wanting to move out of his or her

parents home have, when the price of rents probably more than they

can earn?

Pretty much every young person in Oxford is living in shared accommodation,

paying around £500+ for a bedroom. Much more for a double

and even more for an ensuite.

Most The Kids Can't Even Afford To Leave Home.

It seems to me that the only people benefiting from the situation in Oxford are

the older 60+ generation who were all urged by Thatcher in the 1980's

to buy their homes; often at very low prices.

My parents did exactly this paying well under £10,000 for their home, You

couldn't buy a caravan for that price now.

I love to wind my parents up, telling them how easy they had it.

Not with an idiot son like me they didn't, but you gotta have

a laugh and a joke haven't you?

Anyway, let's get back on topic...

Why Are People Settling For Less Than The Living Wage?

Now this is a question I constantly ask myself, and a question I also ask my nephew.

Why in 2016 and beyond are people, often highly intelligent people, with

a whole manner of skills and experience, getting up on a cold dark Monday

morning, to go and work their backsides off, for an absolute pittance

of a wage?

There is absolutely no reason why people should do this to themselves, not when

most of us have an internet connection. I am almost certain that for example, my

Nephew can make more online than the minimum wage or the living wage,

if only he'd let me show him how.

Truth is, Nobody Should Be Struggling These Days!

I’m not saying anyone can jump on their laptop and become an internet marketing

wizard overnight, I'm really not saying that because I know that's impossible.

There's just too much to learn, it takes time to make decent money as an

internet marketer but there's other ways.

There buying and selling on eBay or doing gigs on Fiverr. There’s businesses constantly

outsourcing work to its like Elance. I know of people making great income just typing

for marketers who outsource that kind of work.

For The Life Of Me I Can’t Understand Why People Don’t Believe They’re Worth More!

I wonder what a 16 year old me would do if I was leaving school today. Would I do one of

the apprenticeships I see; well you can hardly call packing a worthwhile

apprenticeship, yet companies are getting away with it. Reminds me of

the Y.T.S schemes about when I was a about to leave school. My Brother

served one in a local MOT center, the pay was £27.50 a week if I

remember rightly...

All These Schemes Were, Was Slave Labour!

Let me tell you what happened just a few months ago. My Nephew did a trial period for

a well known store in the UK. Fair enough we thought that’s the usual process,

prove yourself over a certain period of time, impress your employer and

then hopefully, get the job.

Well, my Nephew worked 3 x 12 hour days in this store and that was it. No phone call,

no job and guess what? No pay either!

I wonder how many kids they’re doing this too. They’re getting free labour! Needless

to say, they have been reported, and rightly so.

I truly believe this...

Nobody Should Be Just Getting By Anymore!

Nobody should be having to go to food banks, period. I can't imagine how degrading

that feels. I will never ever give up trying to get my nephew(s) onto the internet,

my youngest Nephew is coming to the end of school now also. I never want to

see them not just struggle, but get miserable in a job.

I remember my first job which I was too scared to leave because I was terrified

of my dad. If only he knew how unhappy the 4 years in that crap hole made


I Lost All Hope In That First Job.

I became quite depressed and I remember thinking to myself ...Is this it?

Is this what my life's gonna be like from now on?

Working in a very hostile inviromant for just £42 a week, where I

actually have to ask if I can go to the toilet. I have no clue how

I lasted 4 years in that job, but I know I got so miserable

I started drinking heavy and the rest.

So My Mission Is To Help My Nephews And Others As Well.

If I can show my Nephews, all the good things that comes from internet marketing;

as in freedom and nice things. You know everyone likes the nice things in life,

maybe just maybe I can get them to take notice.

If I can do the job I really want to do; who knows...

I Can Help People Out Of Crappy Jobs, Out Of The Red And Into The Blue!

Now that would truly make me happy. I couldn't think of a better way to work.

If I can help one person out of the shit, that will be job done but obviously,

I want to help more people than that, and I truly believe that I can.

One way or another I will be helping my family, this is my reason why, the reason why

I will never give up because my family needs me and I want to

make things easier after some extremely stressful years.

“Can you relate to this story?

Are you having to work for less than the living wage?

Do you believe as I do, more should be trying to earn online instead?

Have you started making money online because of poor wages?

I’d love to hear from you.

Leave you comment below...